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From Sugar Ditch to great achievement

In 1985, Rev. Jessie Jackson, on CBS 60 Minutes, brought national attention to a county in Mississippi, known as “Sugar Ditch”. The documentary exposed that Tunica’s “Sugar Ditch” was the poorest county in the United States, calling it “America’s Ethiopia”. This book is the compelling and riveting story of one boy’s journey from the low and dirty ditches of Mississippi, to becoming the highly successful and educated man he is today.

Professor Howard Shaw, Ph.D., Oakwood University writes; It is an honor to endorse this book. I remember saying to the author, “If you work and study hard, you will achieve your goal.” Now, look at what he has accomplished with so many obstacles in his path. May God continue to enrich his life as he soars to new heights! And, he still a dominate threat in the “paint.”

Dr. James Doggette, Ph.D. Senior Pastor of Patmos Chapel in Orlando, FL writes; The Boy from the Ditch provides indisputable evidence that origins don’t determine destiny, and that challenges can either be used as excuses to quit or as stepping stones to greater achievement. This graphic autobiography of a successful man with an indomitable spirit and intestinal fortitude is a must read for the aspiring who are determined to make it!


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